Lighthouse FOCUS800 Elite High Performance RECHARGEABLE LED Torch 800 Lumens

Lighthouse FOCUS800 Elite High Performance RECHARGEABLE LED Torch 800 Lumens

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Lighthouse FOCUS800 Elite High Performance Rechargeable LED Torch 800 Lumens 

This versatile rechargeable torch offers a variety of great features and functions, including a 800 lumen output LED with three operating modes of High, Low, Strobe with a variable dimming function for precise light output control. The focus control allows the light to be adjusted from a tight spot beam to a flood light to suit the job in hand.
The torch has an integral tail light charging indicator that glows red when the battery requires charging, blue when under charge and green when fully charged. The tail light can also be switched to the Green mode for use as a night vision light for map reading applications.
A useful powerbank function is also provided that allows the torch to be used to recharge many small electronic devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players (using a suitable manufacturers charging lead).
The torch has an impressive run time of up to eight hours from its powerful internal 3.7V 2600mAh Li-ion battery that can be recharged and used time and time again.
The anodised aluminium body is lightweight and durable and the torch is water and dust proof to IP54 for use in all weather conditions.
Supplied complete with a mains and car charger unit.

Powerbank Function
To access the torches powerbank function cycle the tail-cap switch until the green map reading LED is illuminated, then depress the tail-cap switch twice in quick succession. The tail-cap light will flash green indicating that the powerbank function is switched on and operating.
1) Plug the USB plug into the charging port of the device to be charged.
2) Plug the USB plug into the USB outlet (A) on the side of the torch.
3) Changing will commence as soon as the USB lead is connected, check that the torch is switched off, to ensure that the recharge time is kept to a minimum.
4) Once the attached device is fully charged disconnect the charging lead to conserve the remaining battery power stored in the torch.
NOTE: The Focus 800 can be used to recharge any device that has been supplied with a USB charging lead by its manufacturer. Lighthouse cannot be held responsible for any damage or accident caused to any device that is charged using the Focus 800 as a power source.
Please note some mobile devices charging leads can contain authentication chips to prevent the use of third party chargers with their products.

Mode                                      High                   Low
Brightness                     800 lumens      240 lumens
Run time                           3 hours               8 hours
Beam distance               45 metres
Light source         High-performance LED
Water resistant – IP54
157g (exc batteries)
154mm x 37/31.8mm
3.7V 2600mAh rechargeable
Charge time
5 hours
Supplied with
AC/DC charger
Wrist strap


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